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There are many reasons why people like to travel. Perhaps one of the best is that there are so many wonderful countries out there in the big wide world that we have long been fascinated by, through books and through our favourite films. So we love to explore and experience for ourselves the delights of being in new places with new sights to see, new sounds to hear, new tastes to enjoy, new fragrances to fill our memories for years to come.

The best way to experience different countries is to take a vacation and have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the newness of it all. Travel is one of the best ways to revive the spirit and refresh the body and mind, so it’s not surprising that more people want to travel than ever before. Just the thought of getting away from all it all – all those work commitments and all the stresses and strains modern life puts on us – is what keeps us going for months while we look forward to our trip away. Even just a few days can do wonders for us.

So is it any wonder that more people than ever before are looking for ways they can book their holidays more conveniently using the internet? It has now taking over from the high street travel agents where you have to pop into a store to come back laden with brochures only to find out that the holiday you want is already sold out! Most people have less time to waste now and want to book in their own time at their own convenience. When all the destination facilities can be viewed on the internet and holiday arrangements be confirmed instantly online then brochures have become just a waste of everyone’s precious resources.

With so many travel websites out there to choose from, however, it can be become even more time-consuming finding the right company to book with. Most people want to book with a reliable company yet they also want to find the most competitive prices at the same time.

This is a market that is wide open for smart minded entrepreneurs. Have you ever considered the possibility of having your own Home Travel Business? You might not have thought about it before, but if you think about it now, having your own travel business at a point when more and more people are travelling just might be a no-brainer! With many home businesses starting up online, what better opportunity could there be than to get into travel. It doesn’t take much to explain what it is you are selling and the destination’s sell themselves. By tapping into this $8 Trillion travel industry you can be sure that there is money to be made out there.

A decent home travel business should give you your own website where you can advertise the destinations and accommodation packages that you control. It should also have full training given on how to operate the business. If you have a passion for travel and like the fact you can be in charge of your very own travel business then it could be the best decision you have ever made and you could also take advantage of your own offers from time to time – just so that you can give better advice to your clients! Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?

By helping people to fulfill their wildest dreams to travel all around the world at great prices this could bring you great personal satisfaction. Are you ready for a life changing experience that could lead you into a new future?

The Fitness App Explosion: For Better or For Worse

Back when I first started losing weight, we didn’t have fancy-schmancy apps.

We wrote down what we ate on cave walls. You couldn’t figure out the carbs or proteins in a Wooly Mammoth by looking it up on the internet. No sirreee Bob! Kids today have it too easy.

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but one of the more significant changes in health monitoring is the explosion of fitness apps of every stripe. As of last year, there were more than 45,000 fitness-related apps in the app store, giving one the ability to monitor how far he walks and with what intensity, calories consumed and burned, even heartbeat and sleep patterns, all from the convenience of code in your phone.

This trend is in its infancy. In the not too distant future, we will look at Fitbits and other wearable trackers in the same manner as we would observe a woman wearing a bustle today. Tomorrow’s apps will be woven into our garments, creating smart clothing and “wearable tech.” At any moment, one can be aware of everything from blood pressure to the amount of salt in her sweat.

Having that type of data available 24/7 will provide countless benefits. Not only will it allow one to adjust his or her patterns for enhanced health, but also we will be able to predict incidents such as heart attacks BEFORE they occur, giving one the ability to go to the doctor in advance of collapsing on the street. Medical information could precede the trip to the hospital, so that upon arrival, potential treatments could be tailored to the specific circumstances in advance, saving precious time and lives.

Privacy issues yet to be worked out, that’s all well and good. However, all is not rosy in “app-alachia” as there are some pretty silly fitness apps available currently, providing insights and assistance into all facets of one’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

As example, let’s start with – I swear this is real – “Poo Log.” Despite the rather unfortunate (and hopefully unintended) pun, this app tracks, well, you can figure it out. It even graphs and analyzes trends. I shutter to think what kind.

For one’s other end, there’s “Toothbrush Fitness;” think of it as a trainer for dental health. Costing 99 cents, it’s cheaper than a trip to the dentist. However, since there are no reviews in the app store, it’s also probably as popular as is a trip to the dentist.

Included in the “fitness app space” is “Passion.” Designed to assist one in improving those intimate moments with his or her significant other, it rates your technique on a one-to-ten scale. To do so, it informs you when to start and stop again, and can even compares one’s rating to others. Although the concept might be a bit titillating, I cannot imagine pillow talk such as, “Honey, I’m in the mood. Can you start the app?” I’m assuming they have a companion app observing the couple called “Creepy.”

Finally, while on the subject of “creeps,” there’s the Amazing Girlfriend Manager, which proclaims that one can, “improve your relationships with your girlfriends by applying the concepts of a customer relationship management system.” Yep, what woman doesn’t just tingle down to her toes when she finds out that’s she’s being rated on a one-to-ten scale? “Ooooh Baby, being a three so makes me want you.”

Beyond that, this app keeps track of gifts given so one doesn’t repeat. It remembers important dates, and – I assure you this is a quote from the app’s page – “through the analysis of ratings and costs of dates and gifts, you can keep only the girls with the best cost-benefit.”

Again, seriously, the app provides a warning: “For your own safety, do not let your girlfriend access the application.” I suppose the result of such actions would be one would need to find an app on how to handle those lonely, all-by-yourself evenings that would surely follow.

Martingale System For Sports Betting

The martingale’s method of sports betting is the most popular systems available today. The popularity of the system lies on the simplicity of the system and one can understand the system very easily. Few people use it for gambling on games like blackjack and roulette. Lot of casual betters try using the martingale system for sports betting to yield better results.

The concept is very simple; one has to keep doubling the stake every time he/ she loses. And finally if the individual wins one will be compensated for all the other previous looses. By using this system one will also have considerable amount of profit. It is essentially the wagering progression method. If one bet is lost double the stake amount in the forthcoming bets. This will help the individual recoup the past loses and acquire profit as well if he/ she win a bet.

There are few differences in the system when it comes to sports betting and casino gambling. This is due to the games such as blackjack requires even money bets. The sports wagering covers a wide range of bets and odds.If one wants to use the system they will have to pay the vigorish and if the individual is already an good handicapper then the chances of winning is almost fifty percent. A good example of the martingale sports betting system is the when an individual bet on the game with 12 dollars to win 10 dollar and they lose the bet. Add 12 dollar and 10 dollar and get 22 dollar. Then divide the 22 dollars by.8333 and the result would be 26.40 dollars. Bet 26.40 as the amount for bet two and if the second bet is won by the individual then 26.40 dollars can be got back along with the profit. Then all that has to be done is to calculate how much the next bet would be. And so it is said that this system is little different from the traditional sports betting methods.

Foreclosed Homes and Real Estate – The Next Great Investment Opportunity is Here

The current real estate market and financial crisis have brought about an opportunity to invest in lower priced homes and other real estate. Those who have funds to invest can now look to foreclosed real estate as a means to generate future profitable returns for investment funds.

The real estate market is currently at its lowest point and many properties are priced below their usual market rates. Governments and banks have greater inventories of foreclosed properties that they are required to manage. Lower prices and increased availability means that investment opportunities are created that will generate future greater returns on investments, perhaps beyond other investment products.

Like any investment, research and knowledge of foreclosed real estate opportunities are important. There are some things that those who wish to make investments should understand.

1) Not every property is a good investment. Look for foreclosed properties that are being sold at less than their value. Look for homes that are in good condition in neighborhoods where growth is taking place or future growth is likely to take place.

2) Understand the financial condition of the foreclosed property that is being sold. Find out if, the price of the property is for a clean title to the property or if there are liens and other expenses attached to the property.

3) Use services that can provide complete and accurate listings of foreclosed home and real estate.

4) Have the funds available to purchase foreclosed real estate properties. Do research into lenders that are willing to loan money of foreclosed properties to qualified applicants.

5) The best way for most new investors may be to join with those who have experience in buying foreclosed real estate and making a profit. Investing in a business that buys foreclosed properties may be the best way to make a profitable return on investment money without the need to do all the activities of finding, purchasing, and selling involved in foreclosed real estate.

6) Quick returns may not always be possible or plentiful. Purchasing foreclosed real estate and homes in a down market will mean that it will be necessary to hold the properties until the real estate market rebounds. Properties may need to be rented, or improved. Those looking for a low cost home to own and live in may be the ones who may find the best opportunities to make a profit as their home appreciates while they live in it.

The current real estate market provides great investment opportunities for those who will look for the best values and use wise procedures to obtain a high rate of return on their investment funds.

How Do I Stop My Pet From Chewing?

You want to stop your pets from chewing, especially puppies? Animals are great but that gnawing is driving you crazy. So what can you do to stop it? The first instinct you might have is to chase the pet away from what they’re chewing on, yell, or grab the item out of their mouth. This might work at that moment but for sure they go right back at it when you turn your back.

The reality of the situation is the seriousness of the damage which can cost you a ton of money to repair or fix and the fact it drains you of your sanity. You quickly forget the fact of how cute and adorable they are and why you have them in your home to begin with. You want them to stop chewing now!

You should first determine if the pet is sick or not. Small puppies can have a condition called Pica. Technically speaking this is a term used to describe the craving and ingestion of nonfood items. If the vet let’s you know they are ok, then it’s time to move on with more civilized approaches.

Put yourself in your pet’s surroundings. By understanding what they see, smell and hear you’ll realize that using their nose, eyes mouth and ears are nothing more than naturally exploring their “turf”. When it’s “in their reach” they feel it’s fair game and chewing is something to do. Puppies especially find this appealing. When they do it, it is of the utmost importance to give them a stern “NO” while taking away the object.

It might really sound simple, but if you keep at it, your pet will ultimately get the idea. A pup is nothing more than a new born baby that needs to be taught. That stern voice and the accompanying “NO” will immediately stop them in their tracks. Afterward, get the item away from the pet without playing cat and mouse or tug of war. This only adds to the confusion for the animal and they’ll think it’s another game. This will only make matters worse.

Also it’s important to exercise caution. If the animal feels that threatened by your actions and becomes aggressive it may also be time for some free professional training. A free training course and video might just do the trick. This is especially true with a young adopted pet. You never know how they were treated and may be the root cause for their behavior.

If you can’t change the habits of your pet using these steps, it’s time to roll out the next plan. Being unresponsive isn’t a sign to give in but that a stronger deterrent may be necessary. This is where chewing repellents may be necessary. They are harmless to the pets and are nothing more than an annoyance to the animal. Ultimately the smell or taste of the product will be a keen reminder to stay away. It becomes associated with something bad or uncomfortable for the pet. Nothing more than a bad taste like burned food let’s say or a bad smell like a skunk we have to deal with.

As you train your pet to stop them from chewing on items, you need to replace those temptations with more appropriate items. Get them chew toys. They come in all shapes sizes and flavors and there’s never a shortage of what they might like.

Time may pass and you notice that your pet goes beyond the infant stages of chewing. You think, hey they’re older now so why aren’t they stopping? Like us they have a lot of common reasons. How about the fact that pets get stressed or they don’t have much to do and get bored. They could get lonely if you’re out all day or the simple fact is they may just like it.

Try not to leave them alone and unattended if at all possible. They’re just like a little kid and need to be looked after. May sure you do all the things we talked about, don’t leave items around and make them fair play. Make sure they have plenty of their favorite toys available. Also, don’t keep them in places where there’s lots of stuff to get their mouth on. Maybe a cordoned off area with gates limiting there access to non-essential items. If you get them to exercise more than a walk to go to the bathroom, they are less likely to get bored and use that as a reason to chew.

Occupying your dog’s time with things to do will keep them out of mischief. We get bored too but can find things to fill our time. Fortunately stores have plenty of solutions available to keep them going for hours.

Remember, there is no one right or wrong answer. Deterrents like chewing repellents work but you really need to spend time to determine what remedy is right for your pet. The most important thing for you is consistency and patience. Pets are great. Don’t let the little things stop you from enjoying their company. You’ll be glad you did and so will they!

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The Advantage and Disadvantage of School Loan Consolidation

Do you have overlapping loan bills that flood your mailbox monthly? Aren’t you getting tired of paying high interest rates in your every loan while stretching your allowance? As a student, you don’t need to suffer beyond your academics and other activities in school. In order to end your financial agony, you should consider about getting school loans consolidation.

A school loan consolidation is way to properly manage your loans without getting burdened. There are many people especially college students who are experiencing painful monthly payments of their loans. A loan consolidation loan could be tremendously helpful if you ran up your credit cards while you were in school, or if you have a several high interest loans such as student loans, car loan and others. This will allow you to combine high interest loans into one payment.

There are advantages and disadvantages in school loans consolidation. Some of the advantage of loan consolidation is that you would have an easier time in making your payments. All of your credit bills would be listed as one therefore giving you just one time to pay for them. You can also avoid paying for late fees and extra charges. There are private lending companies that charges the borrower extra fees aside from the regular fees that you owe them. If you have consolidated your loan, you would only pay one extra fee under one bill instead of multiple fees.

Finally, the bad credit record that will result when you can’t afford to pay the loan bills anymore. If you have plenty of loan bills to pay, you would most likely forget to pay some of them. Because of that, you would leave bad impression on lending companies that would lead on having a bad credit score. School loan consolidation can prevent that from happening.

Of course, there are disadvantages with using some consolidation programs. According to some people, debt consolidation is not the answer. To begin with, it can be very difficult finding fair interest rates. Common sense tells us that if the rate on your new loan isn’t any better than the rate charged on your current loans, consolidating your loan wouldn’t make sense. It would still be better for you to pay up all the loans the old way.

Another disadvantage on school loan consolidation is that you still owe the lending companies the same amount of money. The only difference is the length of the payment term. If the payment term is longer, this could leave you paying more interest. In addition, availing consolidation usually costs the borrower. You would only end up paying more than you should.

Availing the school loan consolidation program would all amount to your wise decision. Before deciding, you should arm yourself information about the advantages and disadvantages of this program. You can only avail the loan consolidation once so you should be very careful in order to prevent facing adversities in the future. Consulting a professional financial adviser would help you balance the situation that you are in.

How To Create A Healthier Lifestyle

The more people realize their behavior affects their health, the more motivated they are to make changes in their lives. With so many options and so many things that make a difference, it can be overwhelming deciding what you should do to create better health. The important thing is realizing you are in control. Health is not something that is genetically inherited or that lucky people get to have. While genetic factors do increase your risk in some cases, the single most important thing that affects your health is your lifestyle. This includes everything from what you put in your mouth to the products you use in the shower. One of the most important additions you can make to your routine to improve health is exercise. Incorporating exercise in your everyday life is not as complicated or expensive as you might think. You can get gym fitness equipment or workout equipment and put it right in your own home. Fitness equipment elliptical, stationary bikes or treadmills all help you get convenient exercise in the comfort of your house.

Going hand in hand with exercise is improving your diet. Even if you do not need to lose weight, there are probably things you can add or subtract from your diet to make it healthier. If you are eating a lot of processed foods for convenience, considering substituting fresh foods that you cook from scratch just one night a week. Replace a dessert dish with fresh fruit or try a natural sugar substitute like stevia or honey. Remember that your health is not just dependent on eating too much, but also on getting the right nutrients and vitamins into your diet each day.

Sometimes health is not a matter of what you are doing but who you are doing it with. Make sure the people in your life are supportive and happy. There may be instances where you have little choice about who is around you, making those times that you can choose all the more important. Find friends who have a healthy attitude and who enjoy challenges and adventures. Spending time with people who have a zest for life will improve your attitude, leading to better health.

One of the things health nuts have a tendency to do is overdoing their new regimens. Sleep is just as important as exercise, so make sure you are getting enough. Do not plan to just catch up at the end of the week either. You need to get a suitable number of hours each night to feel your best every day. The appropriate number of hours will be different for everyone, but the right amount is usually between seven and ten hours.

Finally, look for ways to reduce bad stress. Some stress is good and gets your blood pumping. Daily stress that just chips away at you though is very unhealthy. A person who eats a cheeseburger, french fries, and chocolate shake each day may be healthier than someone who eats right but is under constant stress. If you think your stress is building up, consider making lifestyle changes before it is too late.

Law of Attraction Affirmations: Do They Actually Work?


Law of attraction affirmations are the building block to reprogramming the mind for change. Affirmations were made popular by the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill spent a good amount of his life observing the habits and techniques of many of the richest men in the world. From his observations he discovered that many of the richest men in the world practiced the art of auto suggestion. Auto suggestion is basically the use of law of attraction affirmations.

How to use Law of Attraction Affirmations

The best time to use law of attraction affirmations is before and after bed time. It’s important the write out your affirmations in the present tense and with the word “I”. For example, “I am becoming more confident each and every day”. It’s also good to say your affirmations out loud along with strong conviction and emotion. It is also vital that you are consistent with reciting your affirmations each and everyday. The mind will take on any belief if there is enough repetition to it.

Cleaning up the Negative Talk

It is also important to observe the dialog in your mind each day. How often are you having negative thoughts flow through your mind? If it is often you probably have a lot of negative beliefs and programming in your sub-conscious mind. The best way to eliminate negative beliefs is to first become aware of them. I would recommend that you carry a small note pad along with you each day to help keep inventory of your most common thoughts. The thoughts that you have most will lead you to your core beliefs. After you found your core beliefs begin to question them and seek out evidence to why they are untrue. Eventually you will begin to see a shift in your reality.

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Investments and Prophecy: The Two Are Alike

The recent end time prophecy, which centered around the prediction that the world would come to an end on May 21, 2011, received massive publicity and many lives were adversely affected. As we know, the prophecy didn’t come to pass. But there is something we can learn about financial planning and investment strategies based on the events that took place. Let’s look at it more closely:

The Parallels of May 21, 2011 and the Investment World


First, there was a voice, claiming to be an authority, who utilized advertising and marketing through billboards, literature, radio time, the internet, and word-of-mouth to spread the message that the world would end. There were three types of people who responded to this message.

  • First, there were those who followed the predictions without questioning. Many of them sold their possessions, quit their jobs and helped spread the same end time message without questioning.
  • Second, there were those who thought about the prophecy, considered whether it was true or not, maybe conducted some side research of their own, and made a quality decision on the matter.
  • Third, there were those who simply ignored all of it and went on with their everyday lives.

Now, let’s parallel this information with investment strategies.


In the investment world, there are voices, claiming to be authorities, who make numerous and highly advertised predictions. Each one claims to be an authority and each one claims to have ‘the answer’ or inside information regarding the next economic swing. Just conducting a Google search on investment strategies can pull you in a hundred different directions, each one promising to be crisis-proof. There are three kinds of people who respond to this as well.

  • First, there are those who follow the hype blindly. These individuals can be private investors or even stock brokers and financial advisors who rely on others ‘fail-proof’ predictions to direct their investment strategies as well as the advice they give to others.
  • Second, there are those who take other’s predictions and investment strategies into consideration, but they balance what they hear with their own research, knowing that no one has a corner on predicting the economy or world events.
  • Third, there are those who go through their lives without ever planning for retirement or making any type of investments to secure their financial future.

The Bottom Line:

So, what’s the bottom line here? The same principle that applies to the pastor who predicted the end of the world can be applied to the investment strategists and financial planners.

Looking at the parallels above, you don’t want to be the first person, the one who blindly believes and acts on the predictions of others, whether they are doomsday preachers or financial planners who claim to have cracked the code. You also don’t want to be in the third group of individuals, those who just ignore the possibilities of investing because they don’t understand it. Planning for your retirement is a must. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

So, the best strategy is that of the second  individual. He’s the one who is open to look at possibilities and information, but is prudent in his investment strategies. He isn’t tossed around by every new investment idea and he realizes that much of what he hears, especially from advertisements, is purely hype.

Common sense tells him that there is no way to predict a sure thing. There are too many variables involved. That’s why the best strategies involve diversifying your investments and having the proper balance of low risk and minimal risk investments…because no one knows what the future holds.

Finding Health Insurance and Getting the Best, Low Cost Deal

How to find the best, low cost health insurance plan? I can’t tell you how important it is to do your homework, and in this article I’ll try to help you with some of that homework. You might think health insurance is all the same, but the devil is in the details and understanding the details may save you hundreds of dollars.

When you buy health insurance, just as with any insurance, you are paying the company a monthly fee (insurance premium) to manage the risk of your need for health care coverage. The more risk the company assumes, the greater the premium. However, you as a consumer, must understand what you are paying for, and you also have to be your own watchdog to some degree and pay attention that you get what you pay for. At its basic level, health insurance is the assumption of risk on the part of the company.

Health insurance comes in many different forms. For example, there is disease insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, catastrophic health coverage, COBRA insurance, and maternity coverage to name just a few examples. All of these, by the way, are kinds of health insurance. When you shop for health insurance you are generally presented with a variety of plans that offer different benefits and and different levels of coverage. Insurance plans are the way the insurance is packaged. The plan is the “bottle” holding the wine, as it were.

Some of the more common kinds of health insurance plans are the Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO; the Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO; and the Private Fee for Service Plan, or PFFS. HMO plans are generally less expensive, but they required that you use only the doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who have a contract with the insurance company to provide service. You are usually assigned a primary care doctor and must get a referral to see a specialist. The plan ultimately determines whether or not you can see a specialist and what services and how many of each service you may receive. If you are in relatively good health and have relatively few medical needs, an HMO might work out for you. If you have a more complicated medial history, you would want to thoroughly investigate the insurance company and specific HMO to be sure they have a reliable record of meeting patients coverage needs. Kaiser Permanente would be an example of a well reputed HMO, and Kaiser Health Care generally has a good reputation throughout the United States where it is offered.

The PPO is more flexible than the HMO plan. PPOs may also be a bit more expensive than HMOs, and that is because PPOs are generally thought to give a higher level of coverage. In PPOs, you are not required to have a primary care doctor, and you generally do not need a referral to see a specialist. PPOs have their own network of contracted medical personnel but allow you to go out of the network to see doctors of your own choosing. Now, that costs you more. That means the company provides a lower level of coverage (payment) and make up the balance. Before signing up for a PPO, it is important that check with your providers to determine whether they are in the network or will otherwise file claims and accept payment from that particular insurance company. Major insurance companies such as Aetna and Blue Cross Blue shield, Wellmark Blue Cross, and Humana offer PPO plans as well as HMO variants.

A PFFS plan is still a kind of managed care, but in the private fee for service plan, you go to any doctor or hospital you choose as long as they submit claims to to insurance company and accept payment. In a fee for service plan, your health care providers would bill the insurance company a specific fee for each service provided. What the insurer pays is based on a fee schedule.

When you buy a health insurance plan, the actual cost of the plan is not only the price of the premiums, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances. When you figure the real cost, you must also take into consideration the reliability of the company in living up to their promise of coverage for the kinds of services that are important for you and your family. Thus, a “cheap” plan could end up costing you more if the company doesn’t cover the costs specified in the policy. Humana, for example, may offer you less expensive plans, but if you have to argue with them over meeting the basic agreements in the policy, then the coverage would be useless and the cost to you far greater than you had imagined.

You can find cheap quotes for health insurance, but the key to a low cost plan is in coming as close as you can to paying only for a relatively few number of key services. In other words, if possible, you strip the policy of every service you can possibly do away with and assume as high a deductible as possible. Also, you must verify the reliability of the company because it’s important that they pay promptly and without argument should a time of need arise.