Don’t Give Lip Service to Customer Education

The information age has brought about additional expectations of consumers. They want information and they want it on their time table, day or night, 24/7. I ask you; is your business delivering on this new demand? You must not give lip service to customer education and information. Today, your clientele wants to be able to access your company’s website and find exactly the information that they are looking for within a few clicks

Your website must be easy to navigate and have answers to the questions folks ask most. There should be in depth information that is downloadable as well. Corporate Communication and Small Business Blogs allow your customers to interact with you on a more personal basis. Should this be part of your new marketing strategy? Yes, absolutely, but you must realize that high pressure sales tactics have no place.

So, how can you take a stand for your customer, tell them you care, give them the information they desire without looking trite or merely going through the paces? Well, it will not be easy and as you might have guessed if you do not make it sincere, you may as well skip it, because your customers will know it is only lip service.

You must have a button on your home page labeled; Information. If your company becomes a source of information to consumers, clients and your future customers your message will outpace your competition in the market place. You must remember that we are in the information age and you have to realize that, deal with it and run towards it, not away from it. Please, Don’t Give Lip Service to Customer Education.